Me and TV: Do Not Force You TV On Me

Yesterday I was having an email exchange with a listserv that I’m a member of and I while the chat was pretty positive it made me realize something; people love to force their television on you. Like a dude at a DJ party dancing behind a chick and rubbing his man-ness on her. They put it all up in your area and try to pin you up against the wall and put their TV tongue into your mouth.

Dudes like this are the opposite of me. For starters I’m a phenomenal dancer and it doesn’t involve getting aroused and trying to move on to dry humping. Read the rest of this entry »


Pretty Little Liars S2E17

Another week with the Liars and the more things change the more they stay the same, painfully at times.

Painfully because Toby gets hurt this week. The creepy looking dude has a broken arm and is in the hospital with the doctor that Spencer kissed in the first season and then Jenna comes to visit him and that is all sorts of weird. Emily somehow becomes a major character even though it doesn’t involve her or her lesbian lover Maya and their issues.

But I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s just use some sort of fake chronology to look at this episode. Read the rest of this entry »

Pretty Little Liars S2E16

Hanna, Emily, Aria, Spencer

Winter season of PLL in the house y’all. If you don’t know that I love this show then you probably aren’t following me on twitter, or at least haven’t on a Monday (used to be Tuesday!) night at eight. We’re in the second half of the second season and unlike Hell On Wheels, which I recapped an entire season for you in a lengthy run on paragraph, I’m not going to “get you up to speed” on Pretty Little Liars. Go here and do that, there are too many story arcs of awesome for me to do that.

Anyways Monday night was, as PLL has become, a show where so much happens but so little too and it all happens like, maybe, about ten minutes to go in the show. Hand wank, wank, wank from like 8:00 until 8:48 and then bam!
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Hell on Wheels Season Finale

Alright given that the site is new I should probably rehash all this stuff that has happened so anyone who is not caught up on the show will know what’s going on and be current, like me.

Here goes:
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Quick Review: “Sexting in Suburbi-meh”

Nothing like a little Lifetime Movie Original to get the blood flowing at midnight on a Saturday when you’re staying in to try and get sleep to watch more of the Australian Open. I’ve been looking forward to this movie, seemed like a fair companion to the ABC Family winner that was Cyberbully.

Was it good?

Not really but it really was not bad either, well until the end. The end was awful. Really just absolutely one of the worst endings ever but I will save that garbage part for the end.
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